Household claims

Would your policy cover these events?

Driving you mad! One school night, a young boy was happily playing with his toy cars and watching cartoons. As it was starting to get late, his mum came in and told him it was time for bed. The little boy didn’t want to go to bed and kept playing with his toys. When his mum starting putting his toys away he threw a tantrum, picked up the only toy car left on the floor and threw it across the room where unfortunately it hit and broke the TV. Luckily, the customer was covered by Accidental Damage cover with their Median policy and the TV was replaced.

James Bond Junior: Select & Protect received a call from a customer who explained that he had been shopping with his wife one day when they came across a small toy power gun. Knowing that their young son, a fan of Ian Fleming, would love the present, they bought it and returned home to their junior James Bond. Ecstatically happy with his new gift, the young boy quickly got into role as an undercover spy. Sneakily hiding around the room the young boy seized his moment, aimed at his target on the TV and shot. Both the on-screen villain and TV instantly died. Fortunately despite the “not so accidental action” the customer was covered by accidental damage on their “M” edian policy. It seems the young boy really has got a goldeneye.

Definitely shaken and stirred: A customer called to explain that she was down the pub one night with her friends having a drink. A little anti-social, the customer began texting her boyfriend on her phone. Half way through writing a text, the customer’s phone buzzed with a message. Startled, she jumped and dropped the phone, which landed straight into her bubbly pint of coke. Completely drowned and un-revivable, Select & Protect replaced the phone as the customer was covered by optional Personal Belongings cover on her Median policy. Perhaps the conversation had fizzled out… 

The morning after the night before?:
A customer called to explain that she was busy doing the chores one morning when her husband awoke. Groggily walking down the stairs, the dazed husband walked into the lounge and somehow managed to trip over the family dog but before falling to the ground the customer hit the cabinet, the laptop and their big television breaking all of it. Luckily for this clumsy client, they were covered by “Accidental Damage” on Select & Protect’s Medianpolicy. He made a dog’s breakfast out of that… 

Trick   or treat!
A   customer called to explain that on Halloween he was downstairs watching a   horror film in the lounge with his wife. All of a sudden, their mischievous   son jumped up over the sofa wearing a horrific zombie mask with fake blood  pouring out. He looked over at his mum who was white as a ghost, not because   of the mask but because the fake blood was now pouring all over her lovely   cream sofa, which started to resemble the aftermath of a crime scene.   Luckily, the customer was covered for the damage as they had taken out the   additional Accidental Damage option on their Median policy. Not such a fright night after   all!
Religious festivals
We will increase the Sum Insured under the Contents section by £3,000 during any month in which You celebrate a religious festival to cover gifts and food bought for the occasion. If you wish to discuss your home insurance renewal please contact me on: 

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