Tips for Hot Summer Days and Winter Months

Home Security for the Summer


  • Have your burglar alarm professionally maintained every year by an installer      approved by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) or consider having one installed if you don’t have one.
  • Check locks fitted to all accessible windows are in working order, as they may not have been opened for a while and make sure open windows are closed and
    locked before going out.
  • Make sure any personal possessions such as handbags, mobile phones and wallets are out of sight if next to open windows and doors.


  • Consider installing outdoor lighting if you don’t already have this in place.
  • Make sure your garden boundaries are secure – prickly hedges and adding trellis to fence panels to make it more difficult to climb could act as deterrents to thieves.
  • Make sure your shed and any other outbuildings such as  summerhouses are
    secure. This may mean replacing any locks that have rusted and repairing any rotting or damaged window frames.
  • Loose items such as ladders and wheelie bins could be used by burglars to try to get in to your home so make sure they are shut away out of sight.
  • Get your garden back into shape by cutting back any overhanging trees so that the entrance to your house is not obscured.
  • Hanging baskets and ornamental containers are popular targets. Baskets can be fixed out of reach, or secured by chaining the rim of the basket to the bracket. Tubs can be cemented in place, or bolted down through the drainage hole.
  • If you have new garden plants, these could be a target as they are easily pulled up, so don’t draw attention to them. Remove the labels and cultivate or water the whole area so that the new planting does not stand out.
  • Where possible, secure any garden equipment such as tools and children’s toys or sports equipment such as golf clubs or bikes in a locked shed or garage.
  • Service your lawnmower to make sure it’s safe to use.
  • Repair uneven or cracked paths and driveways to reduce risk of slips and trips.
  • Clear any algae from paths and patios to reduce risks of slips and trips.

**Does your Home Insurance Policy offer the following cover?  

  • Up to £1,000 for contents that have been left in the garden, within the boundaries of your customer’s home
  • Theft or attempted theft from your garage or domestic outbuildings up to £1,000, increasing to £3,000 if the garage or outbuilding is locked and force and violence is used.
  • We also include cover for flowers, plants, shrubs or trees up to £1,000 as long as they’re all in pots or containers.

Don’t get caught out in the winter

1. Check roofs and gutters

2. Check loft and pipe insulation

3. Use sandbags if flooding is likely

4. Use salt for icy paths 

5. Check paintwork and putty on windows for gaps and cracking

6. Shut doors and keep curtains closed to retain heat

7. Keep a torch and batteries at the ready in an easily accessible place

8. Service your boiler at least once a year, if it is more than 15 years old, it may be worthwhile replacing it

9. If you are going away, keep your heating on a low temperature, minimum 14C 

10. If your pipes do freeze, then thaw them slowly

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